A Tension without any cause.

He was very tensed of his problem and was looking very serious . And moving of constantly . Someone asked him "hey man why are you looking seriouse". He replied I don't know. Then he asked again why are looking so tensed . He again replied I don't know. Friends this is not a single … Continue reading A Tension without any cause.


Why cleanliness is important to us??

Basic need of Human life. It is the basis of our life. Everyone prefer a neat and clean thing either a place or a home or cloth ,hotels etc. We have also experienced in our life that whenever we thinks that our body need rest than we goes to a comfortable place. And this comfortable … Continue reading Why cleanliness is important to us??

Opening of old age home at large number in cities.

We all are in exist just because of our parents. It is they due to which we come out in this world. They do lots of things before and after our birth for our well being. A father earns for the betterment of their children while a mother serves to them. A parent can never … Continue reading Opening of old age home at large number in cities.

Oh night oh night!!

Oh night !oh night. Let me surrender to you. And help me to forget My whole days fight. Oh night oh night! You looks dark But diminishes with mornings bright. Oh night you are peaceful, With deep sleep you gives morning cheerful. I waits for you after whole days work. My life is not simple … Continue reading Oh night oh night!!

Insomnia:sleepless nights .

Friends who does not want to be energetic with full confidence . I think everyone. These energy gives cheerfulness and pleasant mood. And with pleasant mood one can do whatever he desires to do. But generally it doesn't happens with every one. Almost all of us have felt anxiety,nausea and depression in our life. And … Continue reading Insomnia:sleepless nights .

Getting over is really tough!!

Time is very important thing in our life . Once the time gone it will never come. Yes, the Monday will come but not that Monday which you already have lived in in past. So time is so much precious once it past than it can only gives you memories. All of us goes through … Continue reading Getting over is really tough!!

Eating too much on the occasions and festival?

Sometime when we are partying or celebrating some occasion particularly during festival season, we cannot stop ourselves from tasting the various cuisine. Sweets and other foods keeps tempting us to take the taste. During all this process we sometime cannot estimate the limit of our stomach and eats a lot. This overeating may create various … Continue reading Eating too much on the occasions and festival?