Eating too much on the occasions and festival?

Sometime when we are partying or celebrating some occasion particularly during festival season, we cannot stop ourselves from tasting the various cuisine. Sweets and other foods keeps tempting us to take the taste. During all this process we sometime cannot estimate the limit of our stomach and eats a lot. This overeating may create various … Continue reading Eating too much on the occasions and festival?


Friendship is the one of the purest relation.

One of the best relationship on this earth is friendship. Sometimes it happens knowingly but sometime we are not aware of it.Anyway,getting in bond is important not its process. Generally it starts with help . When we help other it gives faith in them towards us. And our counter faith can bring us together. Sometime … Continue reading Friendship is the one of the purest relation.

Is first Impression is last impression??

It is told to us that first impression is the last impression by our friends and relatives and other near and dear ones.All of us must have heard it. So keeping this in mind whenever we starts our new journey in our life, whether it is first day our our school college,date, etc. We prepare … Continue reading Is first Impression is last impression??

A sacred place on earth,Gaya.

I still remember the days we I brought up in Gaya by my uncle.I think , I had completed my 8 year of my life since I was born in a same village. Gaya was really I new place for me. Although it is a fully grown up town but for me it was not … Continue reading A sacred place on earth,Gaya.

Problems of Rohingya muslims.

Rohingya is one of the community in Myanmar. Its population is almost 20 lakh in Myanmar. It is assumed that rohingyas settled there in Myanmar years ago. They particularly resides in rakhini,myanmar. Myanmar denied their nationality by nationality law 1982. After that crisis broke down for them.This time they are thrashed and stone pelted on … Continue reading Problems of Rohingya muslims.

How to sleep at night.???🐸

Go to bed on a fixed time at night. Relax yourself for sometime. If possible think about your day. If any error committed than promise yourself that it will not happen again. Memorise your next day goal. Take deep breath slowly. Start repeating it. Getting your body relaxed Hand and legs spread. Feel yourself light … Continue reading How to sleep at night.???🐸

Feeling of timidness during various circumstances in our life.

Human being is one of the best creatures created by God.We should be happy to feel proud that we are human being.According to Hindu mythology after birth in 88 crore lives as a different living being we gets a chance to be human. As we all know it starts with womb of mother. And after … Continue reading Feeling of timidness during various circumstances in our life.