How much a college reportcard is is valuable throughout life.

Everyone of us wants to go for higher education in colleges. But still there are some unfortunate guys who somehow not managed to go there sometime due to money problem,family problem and sometime they lacks in education because they don’t have interest in study. Also the interest in study diminishes due to many reasons for example due to family problems, health problem, sometime due to societal problem and most importantly financial problem.

I have personally seen that several parents who seen unwilling to send their girls for higher even when they can afford the expanses. This is because some time they have to hear the taunts by their neighbour, friends and relatives. The the views are changing everyone wants to send their children for study irrespective of girl child or boy child.

Now if wee see there are many whose goes to college pursue his studies ,gets higher marks and finally gets settled with his family. Ya this is the need of life and everyone wants to be with it but we can work for society in innovative way too. I have seen several students who was not having better grades in school and colleges but doing better in their life.

I know several scientists to whom it was written that they are not so much highly qualified but have done several innovative thing for which they are remembered today. I have studied about a scientist who was a book binder and used to study those books which goes to him for binding. He later turned scientist and still remembered today for his contribution.

So everytime one need not to worry about his report card but try wo give our 100 percent and used to love our work whatever we are doing. If we really don’t have any interest than we can leave it if any other option are available there. We can opt those field in which we are passionate for.


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