I may live without money ,may live without health but I think I will not survive without charecter.

Friends various things are in this artificial world. And various types of people you can see in this world. Some are needy while others are greedy. Some are loyal other are fickle. Some are trustworthy others are betray.

For a gentle person character is the most important thing. He can live without any money, he may live a life on footpath with ill health but he will not compromise with his character at any cost.I personally disallow myself to visit any place where there is no respect. I think everyone has right to live with dignity. And he should live with it.

Money is not a matter if you try you can earn it.And I am frankly saying that money is required only in a limit. You can live your life with little money if you will cut down your luxurious needs and even if you are not ready for it then too you can live your life with some luxuries by earning some higher salary. But believe me if you want to earn as a extreme than it will just increase beautifulness of your bank accounts and still you have desire to earn than you can earn but donate most of the part of earning for the Poor’s and needy.

The humans need can be fulfilled but it’s greed can never be fulfilled.

Everyone wants a good health .And for good looking and greater productivity one must have good health. But even if you are not having a good health you can manage your slowly but what when you are not having character. I think character is far above health and wealth. If one not having good character than people will not respect him and he automatically be undignified in the society. I think that will be worst to live in any society with disrespect.

So this is my personal request that don’t do any thing which defame you. Otherwise it will diminish your respect and you will be considered as characterless.


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