First few minutes during nights sleep may be awesome moment.

Whole long day we used to works. Their are many problems inside and outside from us. It may be at our workplace, meetings , with our relations , friends and other native and relative ones. But one thing is clear that we anyhow used to manage it. Sometime it becomes major problem which cannot be managed. I know one of my friend she always remains serious with her relation. She used to say that her boyfriend is not giving attention to her. But I am pretty sure that everyone gets relieve from their tension after a good night long sleep. It feels our body with thrill and our body gets charged for next day. So a good night long sleep is very important in any aspect.

But a night sleep may prove much awesome if we revise our whole past day. And to find our mistakes and promise ourselves to not commit it in future.Also we can get improvement in ourselves if we do such things.

It will take some time but we can remember our relations during this time . Because this is only reason which gives us courage during our failure . So we should not try to hurt anyone .

I wants to dedicate some lines for night sleep.

Night o night please hold me to drive.

Please give me awesome sleep so that I can fly.


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