Innocence should never die.

Hello friends I am here after long time. Actually I was busy with my routine. I was not having enough time to write. But now I am totally free to interact with you all.Friends what’s your view towards innocence . Do you like innocence? I am sure that you must likes it. It may be your view that not everytime but most of the time. Everyone should have innocence but in smart way. One thing is clear that foolishness cannot be considered as innocence. I have seen this several time that children makes mistake several times and their parents excuse it as innocence. Yes off course child is innocent but he should make aware of his mistake so that he don’t commit the same thing in the future. Also why only children’s but parents also must have innocence.

But this is being seen that innocence is dying with modern civilisation.It is innocence which gives faith towards our work. If we are having faith in ourselves we can do whatever we opting for. Innocence not only gives power but it also increases our curiosity towards various thing. It is only innocence and curiosity which have given birth to various Nobel personality including doctors and scientist.Innocence should not die at all.


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