Sparkling eyes, a beautiful thing to see.

As we have seen that the eyes of a child looks much better than a grown up person or an old aged person. And i think most of you have obserbed it. The question arises why is this?? Why the difference between these two??

Also if you observe people closely than you must have seen that the glittering eyes of a successful person while the diminished eyes or fainted eyes of a person who have faced lots of unsuccessful situations in his life.

Nevertheless we also have seen the eyes with full of anger and eyes with lots of love too.

You must now be thinking that why this happens that? Why the different people have different types of eyes.

Now I would like to clarify it that the types of eyes is not permanent in every cases.But it changes with situation. Actually eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. It shows different sign for different types of symptoms like, if someone is going into depression for long time or someone not getting appropriate night sleep must have experienced dark circle towards his eyes. If he is young enough to avoid this than must feel at least sleepy.

A child having lots of dreams in his life must have sparkling eyes , but he can maintain his sparkle only if he is fullfilling all his dream or getting success in the field whichever he aspire for.But in case if it is not happening he gradually losses the sparkle of his eyes.That’s why we have seen that most of the person have lost the sparkle of their eyes.  Also in movies we have seen that a person with sparkle in his eyes preffered for the role of king or kings are shown with sparkling eyes.

Eyes are the organ which shows it delicasy at most of the time. It gets wet whenever our heart gets out of control or whenever the happiness is beyond expectation.

Through eyes we see the world. One word which is famous for eyes are , love of first sight. Actually what we see is only through our eyes but it depend on our liking and disliking that whether we love it or just ignore it. 

Despite all these things we should take care of our eyes.By protecting it from harmful sun rays like UV rays, pollution ,dust etc. So that least interference come into it.


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