Almost every year flood prevails in most of the district of India during monsoon season. INDIA is a country located in south ASIAN region. and it is surrounded by ocean in its three side i,e on its left Arabian ocean ,its south Indian ocean and its right bay of Bengal.So it gets abundant amount of rainfall each year which causes floods in most of the towns ,villages and cities. Last year it was Bengalore which faced flood. So it is questioning not only the establishment of villages but also the drainage system of bigger cities like Bangluru.
this year most of the north INdian cities like varanasi,patna ,assam etc are facing flood or flood like situation. many persons have lost their life due to this.

Not only flood but in summer ,it is drought which was faced.Many  farmers ended their life due to this as there were no crop production which is the basis for living of Indian farmers.

AS we know drought and floods are opposite to each other so a proper management of water resource could only save the worst situation like flood and drought.
Also the awareness among the people like less use of plastic bags and less intereference in drainage system could stop the worst situation.



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