There are various health issues associated with the growing generation. Although human are almost inseperable by ailments and disease but in older days the problems were somewhat different from today. But in present time there are various types of diseases and problems which can be prevented by taking little caution. But busyness and lazyness doesnot allow us to to do and take precations.

Tension and depression are such commom problems which are experienced by everyone in the various fields of our life. When we thinks too much on a same issue for longer time ,turns into tension and if it pervades for few weeks it takes the form of depression slowly.

Sometime in our life we gets situation or moment which is really unexpected or in other word when we finds clearly that our dreams will definitely shatter and we are unable to do anything . And cant change the coming scene. 

These type of situation leads a person into hypertension and this hypertension is the cause of High blood pressure and sometime results in heart failure too.

These type of tension can be avoided by doing yoga or prayanam on regular basis.One may also choose some other refreshment therapy too but yoga will have greater effect for longer time. If you never tried for these than dont be a afraid you can easily gets the CD/DVDs of yoga  positions of different yog gurus. Just visit any online shopping store and find appropriate one for you and grab it

Bajrasan is one of the best yog for High blood pressure.

Yogi bane ,  Upyogi bane.

A post by:Gaurav kumarr


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