Last year I visited the North East hilly areas of India including Darjeeling. It is really an awesome place and gives heaven like feeling. It looks like that it is in the lap of nature.Its scenic beauty and its climate gives a fantastic feeeling. Its mountain view and various small rivers flowing from the hills towards plain and its pleasant sound during this process.Also its garden of tea fills the hills  with greenary. 

The main occupation on which the earning of people depends is Tourism and the production of tea. Tea leaves is produced here because it is favourable here and no other cropes can be grown in this area better than this too.

It is one of the first choice for the tourist those who wants to visit a hill station/hilly areas.It is very cold climate here and snoefall occurs here regularly.Me too witnessed it when I was in my tour for the Darjeeling.

But its a sad news not only for me but for all those who have a desire to go there for the present time, and its native to. Localites always been in demand for a seperate state for them,,Gorkhaland for the years. Because they thinks that it will increase the rate of their Developement level and will safegaurd its cultural and preserve their autonomy. They also blames the government for being ignorant of its demand and says that they built states like Telangana but are ignorant on their issue. Since it is very close to Nepal thats why Nepali is one of the prominent language here.It was also recognised as a official language of bengal in 1961. Although people are in peace here but what provoked the people here to revolt is that the order imposed by state government making bengali compulsory for every student upto class 10th in Gorkhaland{hilly areas}.The the Gorkha janmukti morcha(GJM) one of the leading organisation saying that it is shot on their autonomy. And various other organisation are coming in support of it. And are demanding  to pass a resolution by state government resolving the order passed by state goverment that bengali would be one of the compulsory language uPTO class 10.And their demand of a new state is also on full pace because they thinks that the interference of state government in such a way will ruin their autonomous identity.


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