The  new generation of the whole world is turning more and more digitally and tecnically fit. Also the science is getting too much developed that many works and things are getting done in just a few minutes. Lots of information of the world can be achieved in just a single fingertip. Smatrtphone, telivision, microchips,compuers ,laptops etc. are all the part of modern technology. And today’s life is inseperable without it. We are using it all the modern technologies in some or other part of our life.

All the offices,schools and colleges are run by it at its many part either in the form of storing informations like accountancy,students assessment reports and sometime for digital teaching. Some of the colleges of world are fully digitalized and are operationed  digitally although it is still far from undeveloped or underdeveloped countries.

But the recent thing which added to this technical world is the appearance of Humanoid Robote -Sophia. Which is very close to human being and are able to speak and talk. It also looks very close to human and can move its body parts too.

This Robote was recently shown in Geneva, Switzerland which is built on artificial intelligence. This ROBOTE  can do 16 types of facial expression and can show its felling of happiness and sadness on its face.

This is really a great milestone in the field of artifiacial intelligency. If it prospers in such a way than we can see a new scene in the coming future. But it cannot be denied that it may prove threat to human life if not handled properly.



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