Forbes, one of the best known magzine of the world has recently published the list of the worlds top hundred highest earning celebraties. These celebraties includes 1 magician, 37 musicians ,30 athletes, 14 personalities,10 actors ,7 comedians and two authors.

Top ten earning celebs are as follow

1. Diddy -130 million

2.Beyonce -150million

3. JK Rowling-95 million

4.Drake -94 million

5.Cristiono Ronaldo -93million

6. The weeknd  94 million.

7.Howard stern 92 million

8.Coldplay 88 million

9.james Patterson 70 million

Le bron james 86 million 

{Earning in US  $}

India has 3 names in top 100.

Shahrukh khan 

Salman khan 

Akshay kumar , respetively.


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