India is waiting for next President. Who will be the next President of India??

This is the biggest question prevailing right now that who will be the next president of Indian and will replace the current one,Prnav mukharjee or he will get another chance in office. This is India and every thing can happen there. Many people seeing it beyond politicizing but  this is controversial as well.

14 presidential election is on its way to come. The 18th of june is the last day of nomination. And the ruling party which is expected to win the presidential election has not put forward the name of the candidate till now.  And citizens are expecting different names as they comes from different fields and also due to the vasteness of  India.

Further the names of various NDA members were coined and expected by media and BJP itself but they did not have come to the conclusion. It can also not be denied that it may be their strategy. They may be waiting for the last time so that opposition could not get sufficient time. But it will be better that they should put forward the name of presidential candidate so that opposition could think upon that. Because mutual understanding will be most suited and preferential. Because president of India don’t denotes any party ,religion, religion , community, etc It is above all. And is the saviour of Contitution.

Media world is full of rumours on the name of candidate. Earlier it was told that the person may be from Scheduled tribe/caste. NDA have many such faces too. Dropadi murmu ,Meira kumar,and Thawarchand gehlot may be one of that.Some people are also supporting RSS chief Mohan bhagwat as a candidate for presidential election. The name of Prakash singh badal is also running for the same. 

It is said by some media reports that the grand son of mahatma gandhi ,Gopal krishna gandhi may also be a candidate.

Earlier it was the name of APJ abdul kalam proposed by NDA and he was elected without any opposition and completed his chair twice. So it will be better that the candidate should be accepted by all and on mutual uderstanding of ruling party and its opposition UPA.

Recently NDA contituted a committee comprising three member consisting Venkaiya Naidu,Rajnath singh and Arun jaitely to finalize the name of the candidate.Because election is on the head.

We can hope for a better change this time. Lets see what’s happen and who is going to hold the office next or pranav daa will continue with the office.


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