“World Day Against Child Labour” -12 th June.

12th of june is obserbed as a “world Day Against Child labour”.  The observance of this day is the demand of time. In present time different dates are specified for the different types of observance. And this is quite right too because the complexities of the society is increasing day by day,and different types of problems arising day by day.One of them which can be easily seen anywhre like restuarents,hotels, shopes,small scale industries etc is CHILD LABOUR.

What is child labour??

Employing childrens who are very small,and in the age of playing,studying,gossiping,enjoying and to know the meaning of life are are deployed into working sector. This is called as child labour.

Work which prohibits children from studying and deprive them from the basic needs of life. These work may harass these children socially ,mentally, physically. Those children who are under 5 to 14 years of age is generally considerd as child labour.

Many children are employed as a labourer in many hazardous and non hazardous works.


Crores of children are deployed in india in various types of works. Sometime these children are deployed cooking, Housekeeping, laundry purposes, for babycare etc. And it is not a surprising thing that these children are deployed in hi profile families. They keep underage children for their convenience.

Also many large scale industries like weeving, sewing, platic and paper industries ,icecream industries, these children can be seen easily.Sometime in the large scale industries these children are engaged too.

Each year many children are rescued by police from such organisation which traffic’s children.There are many reasons that why these childrens are put into these type of works. Firstly the working efficiency of children is more than those who are getting older or grown up.And secondly these children costs them less . Sometime only on food and sometime only on mere wages.


As we know,the growing population on a large scale and not utisation of it fully and the economic condition of our country compel these children to join tbe work at their early age and sometime forced to join it.

The situation of bonded labourer is worst particularly of childrens. They are deployed into fine works like cracker industries and thread and packaging job etc.And are forced to work on little salary and sometime  just on food.

 Sometime The poor childrens are forced to beg on railway junctions ,stations , besides malls and temples.And are given their shares. These childrens are given fear of consequences if they escape from there.

These childrens are so innocent that they don’t know how to dissociate themselves from their masters bacause they belongs from poor and illiterate families.

Exploitation of children in physically or sexual exploitation.

As there is myth assciated with virginity, small childrens are forced into prostitution too.Because the demand of it is high in prostitution.So the innocent children are trafficked into prostitution to fulfill the demand.They misrepresent the children and sometime parents to provide these children for job and education but ultimately put them into such heineous eork like prostitution.


It is not only the duties of the government and ministries but involvement of smart citizen with their heartly thinking can decline the rate of child labourer. And hope so that it will happen soon.


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