There are various health issues associated with the growing generation. Although human are almost inseperable by ailments and disease but in older days the problems were somewhat different from today. But in present time there are various types of diseases and problems which can be prevented by taking little caution. But busyness and lazyness doesnot … Continue reading HEALTH ISSUES OF GROWING GENERATIONS.



Last year I visited the North East hilly areas of India including Darjeeling. It is really an awesome place and gives heaven like feeling. It looks like that it is in the lap of nature.Its scenic beauty and its climate gives a fantastic feeeling. Its mountain view and various small rivers flowing from the hills … Continue reading DEMAND OF A NEW STATE AND UNREST IN DARJEELING.


The  new generation of the whole world is turning more and more digitally and tecnically fit. Also the science is getting too much developed that many works and things are getting done in just a few minutes. Lots of information of the world can be achieved in just a single fingertip. Smatrtphone, telivision, microchips,compuers ,laptops … Continue reading THE MODERN HUMANOID ROBOTE – SOPHIA


Forbes, one of the best known magzine of the world has recently published the list of the worlds top hundred highest earning celebraties. These celebraties includes 1 magician, 37 musicians ,30 athletes, 14 personalities,10 actors ,7 comedians and two authors. Top ten earning celebs are as follow 1. Diddy -130 million 2.Beyonce -150million 3. JK … Continue reading 2017 TOP CELEBS EARNING.

India is waiting for next President. Who will be the next President of India??

This is the biggest question prevailing right now that who will be the next president of Indian and will replace the current one,Prnav mukharjee or he will get another chance in office. This is India and every thing can happen there. Many people seeing it beyond politicizing but  this is controversial as well. 14 presidential … Continue reading India is waiting for next President. Who will be the next President of India??

Preamble of Indian constitution.

As we know the preable of indian constitution holds lots of things. It states the matter that on what it is based upon. Every Indian should know it and try to interpret its meaning too. Preamble of Indian Constitution is as follow- WE,THE PEOPLE OF INDIA,having solemny resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST … Continue reading Preamble of Indian constitution.

“World Day Against Child Labour” -12 th June.

12th of june is obserbed as a "world Day Against Child labour".  The observance of this day is the demand of time. In present time different dates are specified for the different types of observance. And this is quite right too because the complexities of the society is increasing day by day,and different types of … Continue reading “World Day Against Child Labour” -12 th June.