Menstrual hygiene day or MH day

Yesterday on 28 may was observed as awareness day on menstrual hygiene day. It aims the taboos and create awareness among the masses.It was firstly started by German based NGO. This is a stigma on our society that bleeding womens,girls are treated impure. During these period they are denied for worshiping, they cannot cook food … Continue reading Menstrual hygiene day or MH day


A threat to the world:Terrorism

Our world used to face many challenges regularly. These challenges may be of different types.This may be of different types like medicinal , warships, habitual,cyber etc. As the generation is growing and these generation developing themself for ease in their life. Almost every types of luxurious items are available in the present time.which are being … Continue reading A threat to the world:Terrorism

CBSE will declare the results of intermediate today.

Central board of secondary education,delhi is all set prepared to declare the result of intermediate exam today.It is most probably to be declare in afternoon.It will declare its result of every region on the same day. CBSE have requested the parents,not to visit the boards office because result will be published online. Inspite of its … Continue reading CBSE will declare the results of intermediate today.

Recovering economy of russia.

Russia which was going through recession is recovering slowly with economic growth of 1.4 , by a report of International monetary fund. Russia is a country which is which gains its huge income through crude oil export.which was hot hard during 2014.Its prices were felled during 2014 and 2015.  This was faced not only by … Continue reading Recovering economy of russia.

Bhim Army , A rise of consiousness and upsurgengence among the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.

As we are seeing these days a  huge group of man women and children are coming togather and has built an organisation namely the BHIM ARMY. This was really a big news when these people protested on 21 may at jantar mantar, new delhi. In this news whole world was taking response on it. But … Continue reading Bhim Army , A rise of consiousness and upsurgengence among the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.

Healthy food and us.

All of us comes from different regions and we all have different types of agricultural productivity. It means different region is known for different types of food consuming products like fruits,cereal grains etc. For example a place on hilly areas cannot produce rice and wheat,similarly a place of plain areas is generally not suitable for … Continue reading Healthy food and us.

World Telecom day.

Today, 17 of may is being celebrated as the world telecom day. Here the first thing to know is that  what is telecommunication. Telecommunication means the transfer of informations of messages through audio, video or any other form from one place to other place.  This is operated through wire, settelites cable etc. Also some time … Continue reading World Telecom day.