Result time and depression among the students.

Nowadays ┬ávarious examinations is being conducted by different board and Universities.Students are participating in it very enthusiastically. with all these exam dreams of students as well as parents are associated. Each and every student wants to prosper and want to reach at higher level but this does not happens every time. Recently result of JEE … Continue reading Result time and depression among the students.


Greenery and its health benefits.

yesterday I came across a survey conducted by a american university that living in close relationship with nature may increase your life efficiency, you may live 15 to 20 year more than usual lifespan which you are going to is┬ánot a new fact. we all must aware of it that our life almost totally … Continue reading Greenery and its health benefits.

Reactive Indians.

we Indians argue with each others several times but if matter comes about India's unity and integrity we come together. this time by a comment made by an ex employee of Snap chat. who was fired by the Company within three weeks. he alleges that the CEO of company said that we would not expand … Continue reading Reactive Indians.

Commercialization of schools and educational institutions : a challenge to the parents and students.

Those were the days when teachers used to teach their students with dedication and good intension. Now a days if we see education system it is totally commercialized, teachers are treating their student just as a client. they just want too teach and making more money as far as possible.Recently various surveys are organised by … Continue reading Commercialization of schools and educational institutions : a challenge to the parents and students.


today we are going to celebrate the 126 birth anniversary of babasaheb bhimrao ambedkar.Dr bhimrao ramji ambedkar was born on 14 april 1981 in mhow,central provinces madhya pradesh ,india. he suffered the caste system since childhood . he was surprised that lower caste people doesnt have right to sit with so called savrna. they does … Continue reading A GREAT SALUTE TO BABASAHEB

A messege to our readers.

hi friends, i am gaurav .i want to bring a revolutioon in living and thinking standard of the people. this is a well know fact that tose who having fit body,charming look and good comunication skill ,attracts the people most. through this blog my aim will be to provide all neccessary sort of things to … Continue reading A messege to our readers.